Vissen in het meer van Julian

Lake “Osenets” has an area of 66 acres and a depth of 6-7 meters.

Carp, catfish, white carp, white fish, tench, walleye, roach and walleye are bred in the reservoir.
Trophy carp are from 10kg to 32.33 kg
Over 30 kg. are about 14-15 fishes
from 10 to 30 kg. are probably more than 600 fishes

When fishing at the Osenets Reservoir, you can benefit from discounts when staying at Hotel Central Razgrad as follows:
for one night -10%
over two nights -20%



Lake Osenets is designed for trophy carp fishing

Noisy companies, indecent behavior and non-observance of lake rules are not tolerated.

Everyone is obliged to clean their sector before leaving.

Organized fishing visits are made with prior consultation and RESERVATION! by phone and email

In case of advance booking, 50% of the amount is paid by bank transfer.

Check-in takes place in the presence staff on site.


  • ONLY anglers with appropriate equipment are allowed to fish:
  • Carp bag
  • Carp swing /mattress/
  • The appropriate cap for the type of fishing (size for the species of fish)
  • Each angler can use a MAXIMUM of 4 pcs. fishing rods;
  • When fishing, only safe rigs are used, with no more than one hook on the line;
  • Minimum fiber size for carp fishing is 0.30 mm.;


  • Bathing in the reservoir;
  • Making up FIRE!;
  • Walking pets in the dam area;
  • The presence of WIRBELI on the line when fishing for CARP and AMUR;
  • Any inhumane method (SPRINGS WITH HOOKS, CUTTERS, CUTTERS and any method that would injure the fish);
  • Uncoated lead is prohibited.

Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave the lake grounds.


  • Catching the fish by the eyes and gills and unhooking with prohibited means;
  • Killing the fish on any occasion;
  • Transferring the fish outside the sector;
  • Irresponsible treatment of fish (rough handling, tying, grabbing eyes and gills)


  • To call in the presence of sick and damaged fish;
  • Do not leave fishing equipment unattended (we are not responsible for lost items);
  • Each angler is responsible for his behavior during his stay;
  • The cap should always be wet and of suitable dimensions;
  • The use of a braided shock leader is prohibited;
  • It is MANDATORY to use a carp swing or mattress that has been cleaned and wetted in advance;
  • Fishing is carried out in the designated areas.


  • Disrupting the peace and fishing of other visitors to the lake;
  • The carrying and use of firearms, gas and air weapons;
  • Let children under 16 fish. age without COMPANION!;
  • Cutting down trees and bushes;
  • The use of chemical ingredients for food;
  • Disposing of waste in the water and on the shore is punishable by a fine of BGN 100!